Tom hipsz New Blue candidate

Strength. Stability. Liberty. Good Government.

Standing up for you, with New Blue in York South-Weston

mission statement

Ontario needs to move forward-the right way forward. It's time to get our province working again by empowering individuals, strengthening our democracy, defending taxpayers, promoting small businesses, and standing up for faith and families.

Ontario’s establishment political parties are entrenched in radical left-wing ideology that seeks to socially re-engineer our province through tax-and-spend economics, government overreach, and crony capitalism.

the new blueprint

-Renew political accountability

-Defund the establishment media and promote a free press

-Grow Ontario's economy

-Provide tax relief

-Reform education

-Restore dignity and transparency to healthcare

it's time for a big change at queen's park

Principles (excerpt from New Blue Party of Ontario's Founding Principles, available at

"Liberty is best promoted through the ability of individuals to make decisions in their own best interests and encouraging free will (including freedom of speech, worship, assembly, association, political participation, conscience, and religion)..."

tom hipsz

-Masters in Education, 2 decades of experience in education, both secondary and post-secondary

-Former CFL player including time with the Argos and Ticats

-Olympic torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

-Demonstrably strong advocate for youth

-Former Regional Marketing Director for Hartford Investments Canada

Family values

We propose schools that will be free from masking, free from the threat of having a Covid-19 vaccine put in our children's veins without express parental consent, and free from the threat of having woke left-wing nonsense put in our children's heads.

End mandates

New Blue proposes introducing legislation and fines that ban the use of COVID-19 vaccine passports and digital identification

new blue will advocate for

-Solutions to help Ontarians who lost their jobs and education  due to failed establishment party policies. 

-Full restitution for protestors that lose their license, or insurance, or their bank accounts, as a result of the Trudeau-Ford emergency measures.

restore dignity and transparency to Healthcare

-Early treatment for Covid-19 being widely offered and readily available.

-Clearing the backlog of procedures by rehiring healthcare workers and offering choice in services.

Want to help campaign for a better tomorrow?

-We are looking for volunteers to join our campaign. This includes high school students who want to fulfill service hour requirements for OSSD.

-We are looking for households or businesses in York South-Weston who volunteer to have an election sign.

-We are looking for donations to beat the establishment parties and end their $100 million lavish taxpayer subsidy. Did you realize you have already donated to the PC's, Liberals and NDP for this election with that subsidy? Did you consent and agree?

Contact, DM on Twitter @HipszTom